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Carbon Dioxide and Cannabis

How does CO2 help increase marijuana yields? Cannabis gets its mass from the air, not from soil or fertilizers. Dry cannabis is 90% carbon and oxygen captured from the atmosphere. Only 2% of elemental mass is fertilizer. That’s why CO2 enrichment is the best supplement you can give your plants. When plants get extra CO2 … Continued

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Indoor Garden Planning: Sealed or vented?

Indoor garden design is all about creating the perfect environment for growing cannabis. There are two types of grow rooms: sealed and vented. Sealed rooms recirculate and rejuvenate air within the room.  Vented rooms replenish the grow environment with fresh air from outside. The design choice has profound impact on garden design, budget and performance. … Continued


How Climate Affects Plants

Free will exists amongst plants and gardeners. The full potential of a plant is not completely predetermined by the genotype. Instead, the grow environment affects genetic expression. The interaction of genetics and the environment is what creates unique phenotypes. When the environment is healthy, growers unlock the full potential of their genetics. Conversely, sub-optimal temperature … Continued

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Cannabis Lighting: The Sun vs Grow Lights?

Cannabis is a full-sun plant. It will never produce quality flowers and resin unless it gets plenty of direct, bright light. Cannabis can grow under dim lighting, but growth will be weak and harvests will be small. Relatively dim light is only useful for germinating seedlings and making clones. But the question remains, how does growing … Continued

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How To: Cloning Marijuana Plants

Vegetative propagation creates new marijuana plants from cuttings instead of seeds. It is an asexual process: one parent creates perfect genotypic clones of itself, without a partner. Growers love clones because they are cheaper than seeds and also flower sooner. A monoculture of clone plants has identical needs, performance and yield. When cut, cannabis attempts to … Continued

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Ancient Origins of Cannabis

Cannabis probably originated somewhere in Central Asia. Archaeological evidence indicates that hemp reinforced pottery was in use 12,000 years ago in present-day Taiwan.[1] The earliest record of psychoactive use was discovered in the 2,700 year old tomb of a Gushi Shaman in China.[2] He was interred with two pounds of cannabis flowers and a resin-laden … Continued

Life cycle of Marijuana Plants

Growing Stages of Cannabis Cannabis is a hardy dioecious annual that germinates, grows, blooms, fruits and dies in a yearly cycle. Leaves are palm-size, with serrated (rough-edged), digitate (finger-like) leaves. Stems can grow 6” per day when given abundant light, heavy amounts of fertilizer and copious water. Cannabis prefers a slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Under … Continued

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Grow Room 101

Amazing cannabis growth is possible indoors because you control the environment. In fact, you can even harvest multiple times each year! This performance comes at great expense – indoor gardens require equipment, infrastructure and a lot of electricity. You need the expertise of several skilled tradesmen to build and operate an indoor cannabis garden. Your grow … Continued

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Marijuana Pruning & Canopy Management

Pruning affects the height, shape and density of cannabis foliage. It is the process of cutting, bending or pinching growth shoots, called meristem. Meristem are the tips of branches that emerge from each growth node (branching site). Pruning is a stress that can either help or hinder overall plant growth. It works because it triggers … Continued

How To Identify The Sex of Marijuana

How do I identify the sex of marijuana plants? If you want high-quality seedless cannabis, you don’t want male plants in your garden. In fact, one small male plant can pollinate dozens of females. Pollination makes the female plant produce seeds instead of medicinal compounds like THC and CBD. Seeded cannabis is less potent, less effective … Continued

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How To Transplant Marijuana Plants

Why transplant cannabis? Transplant cannabis often to ensure that the roots always have room to grow. Otherwise, healthy cannabis roots will compact within the confines of an under-sized nursery pot. These root bound conditions are a red light that brings plant growth to a stop. Transplanting marijuana is a green light for maximum yield. What’s … Continued

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How To Get A Medical Marijuana License In Michigan

Five Types of Marijuana Licenses New medical marijuana (MMJ) legislation in Michigan creates five types of state-issued licenses, for (1) growing, (2) processing, (3) transporting, (4) laboratory testing and (5) provisioning/dispensing. This is the first time state-issued medical marijuana licensing of any kind has been implemented in Michigan, and it represents a significant step forward … Continued