Although the state is ultimately responsible for issuing and annually renewing licenses for each tier, the licenses will only be issued to facilities located in municipalities which have adopted an ordinance that specifically authorizes such facilities. Each municipality may adopt an ordinance that authorizes one or more tiers within its boundaries. Further, each municipality may … Continued

Design and Construction

HOW DO I GET STARTED? Let’s get in touch! We’ll make sure you’ve got everything in order and are on track towards a successful operation. We can help pair you with the necessary laboratory testing facilities and secure transportation service so your products can successfully make it to the provisioning centers. We’ll help you see the forest in … Continued

Facility Management

Working in a cannabis grow facility requires a very specialized skill set, and sourcing adequate help requires keen attention to the necessary tasks and an ability to screen growers for their aptitude. Gulfstream Gardens provides the HR oversight for all staff needed to operate a successful cannabis production operation. With our robust network of qualified cultivators … Continued

Materials Procurement

One of the many ways Gulfstream Gardens helps our clients produce premium cannabis is in the procurement of all materials required for cultivation. By leveraging our strategic partnerships with the leading brands in the cultivation technology sector, we are able to provide our clients with unprecedented value on all of the equipment and supplies needed … Continued