Growing cannabis is rewarding, but at scale it can be a challenge to manage the logistics of the business concurrently with the day-to-day agricultural procedures. This is where Gulfstream Gardens comes in. All facets of garden design, development, and management are delegated to us. That way, you can just focus on the numbers. We’ll take you through the process and make sure every variable is accounted for, from licensing to harvesting, from seed to sale!



Our sole focus is helping you grow the highest quality cannabis possible, while producing the greatest yields. Whether you are looking to build a brand new garden or need help with an existing facility, we will work with you to achieve the desired results for your unique situation. From design and infrastructure building, to custom lighting systems and nutrient planning, to software to help keep your garden organized, we’ve got you covered.

The cultivation facilities we designed are geared to be functional and efficient cultivation environments that produce vigorous growth of easy to manage harvests. Indoor facilities are designed to precise energy and climate control standards and outdoor facilities are designed to maximize the power of the sun and fruitfulness of the earth.


Using the power of the sun, and the bountiful energy of the earth, cannabis thrives, producing the highest netting yields. Special safety and security measures are required to maintain a healthy environment for plants and humans alike. A common trend in the industry today is to implement a hybrid greenhouse which takes advantage of the Sun’s free energy while supplementing with additional lighting as needed. This approach also enables much greater control of the environmental parameters.



We optimize every square foot of space for maximum efficiency and profitability. Our custom light plans employ the industry’s most advanced lighting systems and achieve concentrated penetration and complete coverage of the entire canopy. We employ a comprehensive strategy of environmental control systems to ensure adequate and consistent temperature, humidity, and air circulation.

Our extensive knowledge across the wide spectrum of options in the equipment and nutrient sector enables us to hand pick only the best and most effective solutions for your specific case. Each scenario is unique and requires a detailed analysis to determine the optimal lighting configuration, grow medium, and nutrient regimen based on the chosen cultivars and environmental constraints.



Our cultivation facilities utilize the most advanced and energy efficient composite hydroponic equipment available from Holland and the United States. By leveraging our excellent brand relationships, we provide all necessary equipment and supplies for a fraction of the retail price. Each facility is equipped with interchangeable and expandable systems that can be augmented over time in accordance with a grower’s plans for future expansion.


Our time honored formulas have proved successful, yielding bountiful harvests of high quality buds for our clients. Cannabis comes in many different strains that have genetic and phenotypic differences, and this also makes a big difference in how and what you feed your marijuana plants. Deciding on a grow medium and nutrient regimen is highly dependent on this factor as well as the growing environment. We take this all into account to ensure your plants grow big and healthy!

Now the exciting part… Get your plants! Seed or clone? With the growing number of breeders, the genetic diversity is only getting bigger. If there are certain medical conditions you would like to provide for, we can help you decide on appropriate strains to grow. Along with that, we look at the present state of the cannabis market to see which strains are most in-demand and which will be most profitable.


There’s always a soft spot for the good old fashioned ways. Although starting from seed takes a bit of extra planning, it is perhaps the most accessible means of starting your crop. Due to the cannabis plant’s annual nature, starting from seed is the most natural means of growing. In large scale-operations such as industrial hemp cultivation, starting from seed is perhaps the most effective.


A clone is a clipping of an existing plant (the “mother”) which will carry identical genetics. The advantage to this is very reliable predictability of how the plant will perform in terms of yield and potency. When consistency is desirable, this is the clear choice as the cannabinoid and terpene content will be nearly identical with each harvest.

The garden is configured and the plants are in the ground but they will need to be cared for. An experienced staff of breeders, growers, and trimmers are crucial to ensure an efficient production from start to finish. Harvest time may also require additional helping hands, and a unique set of tools to finish the job.


Indoors and outdoors, growing is fun and rewarding hard work. After decades of experience and a passion for perfection, we use what we have learned to provide growers with natural and clean nutrient-based feeding programs for consistency, quality and potency.


The last phase of production is drying. Proper drying requires exact environmental conditions, using temperature, humidity, light and airflow to produce sweet and pungent flavor profiles in a clean finished product. At the end of the harvest, we won’t leave you hanging!


Let’s get in touch! We’ll make sure you’ve got everything in order and are on track towards a successful operation. We can help pair you with the necessary laboratory testing facilities and secure transportation service so your products can successfully make it to the provisioning centers. We’ll help you see the forest in the seed, and get you through from seed to sale.