For prospective licensees, navigating the legal cannabis sphere can be a complex and arduous task. While we’re working to make sure you are positioned properly in the legal marketplace, you can focus on what you do best, whether you’re a grower, processor or dispensary owner.



Licensing and regulating medical marijuana facilities varies from state to state. In Michigan, state-issued licenses are required for each of the five MMJ tiers:

Although the state is ultimately responsible for issuing and annually renewing licenses for each tier, the licenses will only be issued to facilities located in municipalities which have adopted an ordinance that specifically authorizes such facilities. Each municipality may adopt an ordinance that authorizes one or more tiers within its boundaries. Further, each municipality may also limit the number of each of the different types of licenses that may be issued.

The licensing board will begin accepting applications for licenses in the fourth quarter of 2017. Applicants will have to meet specific criteria in order to be considered for a license—and the licenses will be awarded to the most credible applicants.


As patient-rights advocates and medical marijuana experts in facility design, cultivation, processing, lab testing, and seed-to-sale tracking, the Gulfstream Gardens team has the knowledge and expertise to assist anyone interested in acquiring a medical marijuana facility license.