Seed To Sale Software

Why use seed to sale software?seed to sale

As technology evolves and becomes integrated into a wider span of industries, we have more tools at hand than ever before. With the agricultural world now becoming intertwined with digital tools, we have access to a much more robust means of organizing and managing all facets of cultivation, manufacturing, and sales of medical and recreational cannabis through the use of seed to sale software. This type of software is quickly becoming a standard requirement in the efforts to regulate the legal cannabis market as more states come online with medical and recreational cannabis initiatives.

Seed-to-sale software enables streamlined tracking of all your products. This begins with seeds or clones through the entire lifecycle to the ultimate sale of goods. Whether a plant is in a vegetative or blooming room, in harvest, or already packaged for sale, each step is tracked and the phase of production is known at every step along the way. Each plant is assigned a unique barcode, which is scanned to mark its location within the facility. The software manages inventory of your salable goods and can facilitate transfers within the facility as well as to outside locations. With an integrated POS solution built-in, the software handles all transactions with patients and customers.

Our partnership with Agrisoft seed-to-sale software allows us to offer the most reliable and comprehensive software product to facilitate the cultivation, manufacturing, and point-of-sale to the cannabis industry. Agrisoft seed to sale provides the tools marijuana related businesses need for cannabis tracking and cannabis compliance.

Agrisoft Seed-to-sale highlights:

  • Work order scheduling and tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Facility layout
  • Inventory transfer scheduling
  • Real-time data sharing with Leafly, the world’s largest cannabis information resource
  • Secure your data with biometric system logins

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