Facility Management

Working in a cannabis grow facility requires a very specialized skill set, and sourcing adequate help requires keen attention to the necessary tasks and an ability to screen growers for their aptitude. Gulfstream Gardens provides the HR oversight for all staff needed to operate a successful cannabis production operation. With our robust network of qualified cultivators all of our grow facilities are run seamlessly. For the various levels of tasks, our recruitment and hiring services provide trained and licensed staff, ensuring your facility runs smoothly from day 1.

The different sectors of employment include:

  • Live plant care – Feeding, pruning, training, pest inspection
  • Harvest procedures: drying, curing, and trimming
  • Processing: Extraction artists
  • Manufacturing: product sorting, weighing, packaging, sealing, and preparing for transportation

We take care of everything from day to day operations, to legal compliance management.

  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Day-to-day oversight of all employees
  • Performance auditing
  • Payroll services
  • Benefits management
  • Insurance services
  • State and federal legal compliance

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