Materials Procurement

One of the many ways Gulfstream Gardens helps our clients produce premium cannabis is in the procurement of all materials required for cultivation. By leveraging our strategic partnerships with the leading brands in the cultivation technology sector, we are able to provide our clients with unprecedented value on all of the equipment and supplies needed to keep cannabis production facilities running at their optimal level. Our relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of cultivation supplies enables us to offer extensive discounts on everything from grow media/substrate, fertilizer and nutrients, lighting fixtures (HID and LED), light bulbs, and all the basics like pots, trellis, scissors, air and water pumps, etc.

To make it even easier, we provide an online portal where you can log in to place your order. We know how busy you can get when managing your cultivation space, so you can see all of your previous orders in your dashboard and simply reorder the same items with one click. You can even subscribe to an entire list of items so you can save even more time by having your items automatically shipped to you on a regular basis.

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